This page is about a device that plays mp3 files from a CDROM. It's a transformed Intel-based PC running Linux and rxcontrol, with an LCD and keypad. I made this device in 1998 for my own pleasure. Please consider that since then many commercial devices have hit the market, and this may render now the construction of such a device less interesting, but back then this wasn't the case. Nevertheless you may profit from my efforts into building something that really satisfies your needs.

The name is pronounced MP3-O-PHONO. PHONI is the greek for VOICE

I'm giving infomation here for people wishing to build their own devices. I'm not willing to build mp3 players for anyone cause I have no time :-) but I would be happy to answer questions about my construction. You can contact me by email at sivann at softlab.ece.ntua dot gr
Please don't ask me questions about learning/installing linux, hardware prices, cpu performance, paint quality e.t.c. Please read these pages and the rxcontrol's documentation careful before asking questions.
Please consider that you must already be good at linux/unix before attempting to construct this!
Thank you, and good luck.

Spiros Ioannou




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